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Recommended For First Time Floaters
  • $138 one-time fee ($69 savings)
  • 3 x 90 minutes
  • Non-shareable | No Expiry
  • One-time purchase per person


Testing the Waters
  • $69 one time fee
  • 1 x 90 minutes
  • Shareable
  • No Expiry
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Float More, For Less
  • $171 one-time fee ($36 savings)
  • 3 x 90 minutes
  • No expiry


Floater's Favorite
  • $282 one-time fee ($132 savings)
  • 6 x 90 minutes
  • Non-shareable
  • 3 month expiry

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How to book

  1. Create an account with us here to access our various prices and packages.
  2. Book your float! Choose which day and time works for you.
  3. Show up! Come about 10 minutes prior to your float. If you’re driving please gauge for traffic and research where you can park. If you’re taking transit, please review your route.
  4. Be briefed, shower and enjoy your experience.
  5. After your float rinse off the Epsom salts, get changed, grab some tea, sit and chill, reflect, browse our retail, write, chat and share your experience.

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To The Worry Warriors

To The Worry Warriors…  I am a worrier by nature.  My mind has been wired this way for as long as I can remember.  It’s like a constant game of patty-cake with all the plates I’m spinning in life.  You doing okay over here?  Good. How about you over here?  Checking in...

Fall Floating can’t come soon enough…

Fall Floating can’t come soon enough for this soon to be first time floater!

OMG… It’s almost time for Winnipeg to get Floating!! The build out is coming along on schedule and its full steam ahead. Fall is just around the corner and I for one can’t wait to get floating. As a mom and an athlete this center couldn’t have come into my life at a better time.

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Our goal was to create an affordable, easily accessible environment that helped enrich people’s lives by providing an opportunity for them to DISCONNECT from everyday life. This experience of “exploring the private sea” allows people to RECONNECT with themselves to find a deeper sense of consciousness and compassion.

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