To The Worry Warriors…

 I am a worrier by nature.  My mind has been wired this way for as long as I can remember.  It’s like a constant game of patty-cake with all the plates I’m spinning in life.  You doing okay over here?  Good. How about you over here?  Checking in just to check in again a little later.  Perhaps you’re a little like this too….

My first float was an extremely powerful experience.  First, it showed me something I wasn’t expecting to learn about myself.  It showed me how obsessed I was with time as I was fighting that need-to-know.  How much time had gone by and how much time did I still have left?  After obsessing about this for a nice long while I had to call myself on the ridiculous irony of giving myself the gift of 90 minutes just so I could worry about 90 minutes…  This little peak into the things I didn’t yet know about myself made me wonder where else in my life was I taking this obsession with time.

 Though I didn’t know this going in, this is one of my favorites things about floating. The float environment provides the perfect place to self-reflect and to look at things from new perspectives. Then we can integrate what we’ve learned into the rest of our lives.  It’s interesting the spotlight we’re provided when everything else is taken away.  A gift that must be welcomed with an open heart and without judgement in order for it to be productive.  “It’s okay that I’m obsessing about time”, I thought.  “But definitely something I want to work on.”

The second most profound part of my float experience wasn’t truly felt until afterward.  Leaving my appointment that day, I had an overwhelming sense of calm deep within myself that I’m not sure I had ever experienced before, probably because I was so used to my never ending internal worry.  But in my float, without even realizing it, my mind was able to access that magical space that exists in between our thoughts.  I took a different me out into the world that day.  Someone I’m not even sure I had ever met before.  It wasn’t until I stepped back and watched myself interact with the rest of my day that I even truly noticed this profound change in myself.

The float tank has become my most favorite escape.  My safe little cocoon.  My private sanctuary where I have no jobs, no internal or external noise and most importantly for me, no need to worry.  The place where I go to find that magical space in between and whatever insights it wants to bring forth.

With time and practice, and with regular visits to my private little cocoon, my worry has become a much more manageable noise in my mind.  So much so, that those closest to me can see the difference.

I’m not here because I’ve mastered my mind and this thing called life.  Far from it.  Working on our struggles is an everyday job for all of us.  I’m here because my story is not unique at all.  There are so many of us Worry Warriors out there.  So I’m here to help you find that quiet, so you too can access your own magical space in between.  Our time is far too precious to spend it on worry…

Leah Dawn

Leah Dawn

FLOAT.Calm Co-owner, Bunny Mom, Worry Warrior

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