Floating Procedure

Check-in at reception. We’ll show you to your float room, and answer any questions you may have.

Shower and insert ear plugs.

Enter the float pod, relax in to the water, and float effortlessly.

Slowly let your cares and stress float away.

You will begin to feel relaxed, peaceful, and CALM.

At peace, your mind is free to feel creatively inspired.

5 minutes before the end of your session, music will gently ease you out of your float.

Exit the pod, and shower to rinse off the salt water.

Return to your day with new focus and energy.

Floating Best Practices — Before You Float

Pre-Float Physical Activities

icon_prefloat_72x72We have found performing physical activity (yoga, cardio, or resistance training) before you float can greatly enhance your floating experience. Your body has expended pent-up energy, muscles and tissues are loose and flowing with blood, your mind is clear and calm. Combining this with floating can help create an even deeper state of meditation.


icon_shaving_72x72Avoid shaving several hours before you float. Any lesions will be distracting due to the Epsom salt sting. Individual packets of petroleum jelly are provided for you to protect any potential sensitive areas

Hair Dye

icon_hairdye_72x72Be sure freshly dyed hair has been fully washed at least 2x before coming in to float.


icon_receptionA full stomach is not great for floating, nor is an empty stomach. Having a light, easily digestible snack 1.5 to 2 hours pre-float is ideal. Nuts, fruit, juice, or smoothies are good options.


icon_waterBeing dehydrated before your float is not ideal. A healthy daily hydration practice is just plain good for your optimal health.


icon_teaDefinitely avoid having caffeine before you float. The stimulation you experience from caffeine is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish while floating.


icon_toiletBe sure to use the washroom prior to showering before you float. Talk about a distraction.

Techniques While Floating


icon_breathing_72x72Your breath can be an amazing tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. Try to breathe primarily from your nose. At first, you can consciously take deep breaths, but once you settle into your experience try less to manipulate your breathing and instead just observe it.


icon_bodyThe most important thing is to get comfortable. There are only two real positions in the tank:

1.  With your arms at your side, palms down

2.  Arms over-head with your palms up

Play around with the two to see which feels more comfortable for your body. Those with upper back or neck issues will probably find arms over your head more comfortable.

Also, to avoid “ping-ponging” from side to side, try to position your body in the middle of your float pod. To do this, place your arms and legs against the sides to position your torso in the middle, and once you feel the water to be calm, slowly and evenly retract your limbs back to the mid-line of your body. Once you like your position and feel comfortable try to remain still while consciously relaxing all of your muscles.

Letting Go

icon_mindDon’t “try” to do anything during your float.  Don’t force or expect something to happen. These expectations are the exact opposite from what you want to be doing during your float. Let your mind go and just be present. Repetition of a focus word such as “peace”, “relax”, or “let go” spoken in your mind in unison with your exhalation can be helpful at first, but the message here is to just let go of conscious control.


icon_focusRemaining physically still in your comfortable position along with the calming of your mind can generate the perception of timelessness.  When your mind and body are in this state of holistic stillness, you are in a state of healing.


icon_calmWith external stimulation at a minimum, your nervous system will turn up the volume to try and sense anything. Since there is still “nothing” coming in there is a great opportunity to experience your senses with a focus you may have never experienced before. Watch your ego melt away and observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations without judgment or limitations.

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